Become a Client

The SBC process begins with a telephone call, e-mail, or direct contact with the SBC Director at W&J, Professor Rick Kinder. Prof. Kinder will arrange an interview with the prospective client to discuss the nature of the problem and its suitability for student consultation. The SBC program is selective; not all of the firms that apply can be accommodated because of time, resource and skill limitations. Those firms not selected will be given information on other local agencies that can provide assistance.

After the initial interview and problem identification, the SBC Director will assign a student team to formulate a mission and goal statement for the consultation. The statement will serve as the basis for the engagement letter and work plan between the SBC/students and the client. These will detail the client's needs and summarize various matters to which the SBC team will address itself, and the steps in which the work will be completed. The client will be expected to furnish up-to-date information about the firm's operations and its financial status (by providing financial statements). If such information is not available, the client will be expected to furnish alternative information necessary for the SBC team to complete the reports. In all cases, the SBC team will hold all documents in the strictest confidence.

The student consulting team will provide the client with a narrative report that details the problem(s) addressed, gives analyses and support, offers alternative solutions to the problem(s) and makes specific recommendations for action. The client will be asked to provide input to the Director on the student team's performance, which will be used in a formal evaluation and grade.