Sociological Research of Irish Daily Life

Michael Harding '12

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Major:  Business Administration
Minor:  Sociology

Magellan Project Description:
My Magellan Project focuses on Irish culture, more specifically how they live their daily lives, what makes them “tick” and also why are they so lucky!?  I planned a trip that had 6 stops including Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Dingle, Doolin, and Galway.  By visiting both larger urban areas and much smaller rural areas I was able to get the best grasp on Irish culture.  I will use my findings to coincide with my Japan Intersession course to contrast the numerous differences in daily life, but also compare the surprising similarities!

How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation?
Experiencing other cultures and witnessing them first hand as they live life paints such a vivid picture and in turn makes you much more globally educated and understanding, two valuable attributes for the business field.  I am so grateful to of had the opportunity to travel and hope to never stop discovering!