Student Employment

Federal Work Study: This federal program provides funding for campus jobs for undergraduates with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses.

W&J College Work Study: This employment program is supported by the College and allows students not eligible for federal work study to have a campus job.

Through both of these employment programs, the College is able to offer approximately 600 positions in more than 50 departments as well as job opportunities within the community.

Preference in the hiring process is given to students who are offered employment in their financial aid package. These students are given a Work Authorization Form in their mailboxes that is proof of their eligibility to hiring supervisors.  Students who are returning to a campus job held in previous years can take the authorization form directly to their supervisor for completion upon return to campus.

All students offered Federal Work study in their financial aid package will have a Work Authorization Form in their campus mailbox when they arrive in August. Information about setting up an account and finding a job on College Central Network will be attached to the form. You can also find instructions for setting up your College Central Account here. You must present your Work Authorization Form to your hiring supervisor once you find a job. All employment questions should be directed to Chris Shaffer in the Office of Financial Aid.

Completed Work Authorization Forms must be returned to the Office of Financial Aid. A timesheet will be made available to the student on Web Advisor. All students working for the first time on campus must complete the I-9 formW-4 form, Direct Deposit form, and Residency Certification form. These forms are also available on the Current Students Wiki.

Students are compensated for the number of hours worked. The earnings are not directly deducted from College charges. Students normally work  8 to 10 hours per week. Students cannot begin working on campus until a Work Authorization Form is completed and a timesheet is issued. W&J's pay rates are listed below:

  • Standard - $7.25 an hour

  • Special Skills - $8.00 an hour

  • Special Shift - $8.00 an hour

  • Student Supervisor - $8.40 an hour

  • America Reads Program - $8.00 an hour (returning and first-year mentors)

Students are paid on the 15th and the last working day of each month. Timesheets are submitted by the student to their supervisor electronically through Web Advisor. Timesheet instructions can be viewed here.

Questions regarding the hiring process or employment eligibility can be addressed to the Office of Financial Aid at 724-223-6019 or