Washington Fellows Program


The Washington Fellows is more than just your typical honors program. When you receive an invitation to the program during your senior year of high school, you’ll have access to an established network of professionals who have graduated from the program, get hands-on experience with unique learning opportunities, and create long-lasting connections with your peers through this invaluable experience throughout your four years at W&J College.

Our Fellows are guided by LIGHT (Leadership, Integrity, Growth, Humanity, and Thought) requirements that you are asked to complete each year at W&J. The Washington Fellows facilitate events to help Fellows complete these requirements including lectures, days of service, leadership training, diversity training, and much, much more! The Washington Fellows are known to be some of the most engaged students on campus and we are excited for you to bring your talents and passions to Washington & Jefferson College.

Washington Fellows Program

The Washington Fellows Program spans all four years of your undergraduate experience. During those four years, you and your cohort of fellows share a journey of individual development that prepares you to make significant contributions as a leader with integrity. You will participate in a series of individual and shared experiences that foster the five core values of the program on campus and in the community.

Here’s a sample snapshot of the highlights from your four years as a Washington Fellow:

Year 1:

First Year Washington Fellows Dinner

  • Meet other Washington Fellows, alumni, and learn more about the Washington Fellows Program.

First Year Fellows Retreat

  • Embark with your peers on a day of fun and team building!

Year 2:

Day of Service

  • Give back to the city of Washington, create connections with local Washington County residents.

Attend a Speaker Event

  • The Washington Fellows host multiple speakers a year. We welcome speakers from many backgrounds. Past lectures include activists, scholars, entrepreneurs, and more.

Year 3:

Leadership Training

  • Your third year at W&J is all about getting ready for your next steps. We want our juniors to be prepared to take on the leadership roles that come with being a senior.

Networking Events

  • Meet alumni and other professionals to learn more about their career paths and create connections for the future!

Year 4:

TOM Talks

  • Fellows of any year can participate in the Washington Fellow’s own spin on TEDTalks: TOM Talks. Create a short presentation about any topic that interests you and audition to be featured during Washington Fellows’ TOM Talks.

Senior End of Year Banquet

  • Celebrate your accomplishments by participating with family, friends, and your fellow peers at a banquet at the end of the year.

Washington Fellows Weekend


During Washington Fellows Weekend, invited students and their families can attend a gathering of Washington Fellows. Incoming Washington Fellows arrive Friday and spend the night with a student host. During the weekend, students and parents can experience the program and its camaraderie. Meet President Knapp, faculty, current Washington Fellows, and distinguished young alumni. At the same time, you can learn more about W&J College, tour the campus, and explore the opportunities here for your undergraduate experience. Parents are included and given dedicated time to connect with the parents of current W&J College students.


  • Participate in a Symposia discussion with peers
  • Attend a moderated Accomplished Young Alumni panel
  • Meet President Knapp
  • Spend the night on campus
  • Meet current Washington Fellows