Technology and Film

Film as an art form is a reflection of the past, a characterization of the present, and a conceptualization of the future. Technology, broadly defined, is the set of tools and processes used to accomplish work. The Technology and Film first year seminar will allow students to examine, through the prism of film, technology as it applies across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Are our depictions in Will Smith's iRobot or Matthew Broderick's War Games a reflection of our own sociological insecurities? How does our portrayal of law enforcement databases in movies like Tom Cruise's Minority Report reflect trust in political systems? Could fictional chemical, biological or physical depictions in film become reality and if so, would the outcomes be as dire as Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator? What can a movie called Outsourced teach us about globalization of the economy? Through intensive writing, verbal debate, and of course, watching film, we will explore how the films we make and watch explain, and expose, our values regarding technology.