The W&J Fund

Every gift.  Every year.  Changes lives.

The W&J Fund provides critical funding that allows Washington & Jefferson College to continue offering the highest quality of education to each and every deserving student. W&J relies on the dedicated annual support of its alumni and friends.  By giving to the W&J Fund, you have an immediate impact on the College by providing crucial support for the programs related to financial aid, student activities, faculty recruitment, and athletics.  Every year, our responsibilities renew.  Please show your renewed support by making a gift to the W&J Fund. Make a Gift.

A funding gap exists between what it costs Washington & Jefferson College to educate a full-time student for one year, and what the average student pays in tuition. The truth is that tuition and room and board fees cover less than 68 percent of this cost. Gifts, from our generous alumni and friends, designated to the W&J Fund help cover this difference.


  1. Provide financial assistance to 98 percent of our students;

  2. Afford students the opportunity to participate in programs such as the award-winning Magellan Project;

  3. Support the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty;

  4. Strengthen the quality of our student activities and athletics programs.

We aim for nothing less than life-changing educational opportunities for our students and your support is vital to our efforts. 


Alumni giving participation is a factor in receiving grants from foundations and corporations and in national rankings. Many publications use alumni giving participation as a factor in producing their annual rankings.

An increase in one percentage point in W&J's alumni giving rate can make a real impact in national rankings and grant approvals. Help do your part in raising our percentage by making a gift today.

For more information about the W&J Fund, please contact Annual Fund Officer Lindsey Daniello at 724-531-6866 or