Visiting Student Registration in Summer School

Registration for Visiting Students

Visiting Students: Visiting students register using an online form.

  • Billing will occur automatically through the W&J business office. Questions regarding billing should be directed there: W&J Billing Policies for Summer School.

  • Visiting students should visit the business office when they arrive on campus and have a W&J student ID card made. There is no charge for the 1st ID card. All students are expected to have a student ID card which is required for library & some building access.

  • Visiting students do not need to register their vehicles for parking on campus. Parking is free during the summer for our visiting students in the designated student parking lots.

  • Visiting Students will be provided with a W&J email account. This is the main form of communication for your course. Visiting student are encouraged to forward this email account to their primary email account.

    Instructions for setting up forwarding can be found on the W&J wiki.

  • Visiting Student may access the live course catalog through W&J advisor without a password.

  1. Access W&J's Webadvisor

  2. Click Students

  3. Under the "Registration" heading, click on "Search for Sections."

  4. In the "Term" box, select either "Summer 1 " or "Summer 2"

  5. To see the full listing of courses for your selected term, simply click "Submit." If you wish to refine your search further, you can make additional selections on the screen before clicking "Submit."