Why We Ask: Development Q&A


Why We Ask:


W&J Fund FAQs

Q: If I donate, where does my money go?
A: You can designate your contribution to a specific academic department, athletic program, student group or scholarship, and 100 percent of your gift will go directly to support that program and assist that need. If you choose to make an unrestricted gift, your gift will go toward the W&J Fund, where it will be used where it is most needed.

Q: If I am unable to afford a large gift, how may my donation help?
A: When combined with contributions from other alumni, each gift adds up and is vital to W&J’s success. If 250 alumni donate $100 each, that’s a total of $25,000, which could provide scholarship support, fund faculty research or purchase much-needed equipment.

Q: Calls, letters, emails… why do you ask for support every year?
Answer: With 95 percent of W&J students receiving some form of financial aid, tuition does not fully cover the entire cost to educate a student at W&J. The remaining costs are covered by private scholarships and donations from alumni, parents and friends of the College.   


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