W&J Summer School Course Listings

Summer School 2014

The tentative 2014 Course Catalog is now online with WebAdvisor. The course offerings are regularly updated so check back for new listsings. If you have a specific course you would like to know about, email mshaughnessy@washjeff.edu to inquire.

The most up to date details will be posted online through WebAdvisor. (Select Student, Search for Sections. No login required)

Pdf files outlining courses, prerequisiteis, and times are available for Summer Session I & Summer Session II

Summer Session I Overview:

BCH-333-01 (13330) Biochemistry
BCH-333L-01 (13331) Biochemistry - Lab
BIO-100-01 (13332) Nutrition
BIO-100L-01 (13333) Nutrition - Lab
CHM-102-01 (13336) Chemistry of Brewing
CHM-102L-01 (13337) Chemistry of Brewing Lab
CHM-160-01 (13339) Organic Chemistry I
CHM-160L-01 (13384) Organic Chemistry Lab
CHM-260-01 (13341) Inorganic Chemistry
CHM-260L-01 (13342) Inorganic Chemistry Lab
ECN-101-01 (13343) Principles of Microeconomics
ECN-102-01 (13344) Principles of Macroeconomics
ENG-205-01 (13346) Intro to Creative Writing
HIS-201-01 (13351) Colonial America
MTH-151-01 (13352) Calculus I
MTH-152-01 (13353) Calculus II
MUS-103-01 (13354) Intro to Music Listening
PHL-123-01 (13355) Intro to Logic
PHL-130-01 (13356) Moral Philosophy
POL-111-01 (13357) American National Government
POL-350-01 (13358) First Ladies
PSY-101-01 (13359) Elementary Psychology I
REL-115-01 (13360) Human Origin
REL-202-01 (13361) New Testament
REL-247-01 (13362) World Mythology

Summer Session II Overview

BIO-100-01 (13363) Human Biology
BIO-100L-01 (13364) Human Biology - Lab
CHM-102-01 (13365) Chemistry of Brewing
CHM-102L-01 (13366) Chemistry of Brewing Lab
CHM-147-01 (13367) Molecules That Changed World
CHM-147L-01 (13368) Molecules That Changed World
CHM-170-01 (13369) Organic Chemistry II
CHM-170L-01 (13370) Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHM-270-01 (13371) Analytical Chemistry
CHM-270L-01 (13372) Analytical Chem Lab
CHM-360-01 (13373) Thermodynamics & Kinetics
CHM-360L-01 (13374) Thermodynamics & Kinetics Lab
ENG-255-01 (13402) Detective Fiction
ENG-255-02 (13418) Zombies and Literature
EVS-101-01 (13375) Environmental Studies
EVS-101L-01 (13376) Environmental Studies Lab
MTH-131-01 (13377) Business Calculus
MTH-151-01 (13378) Calculus I
MTH-225-01 (13379) Probability & Statistics
MUS-204-01 (13380) Fundamentals of Music
NSC-210-01 (13403) Introduction to Neuroscience
POL-198-01 (13415) Internship
PSY-275-01 (13381) Cognitive Psychology
REL-204-01 (13382) World Religions
REL-247-01 (13383) Catholic-Orthodox Relg Trad