Center For Energy Policy & Management

The W&J Center for Energy Policy and Management is dedicated to fostering the development of a national energy policy that has a place for all energy sources, minimizes environmental impact and promotes economic growth.

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The CEPM Mission

Educating the Public

A core activity of the Center is programming that brings together scientists, industry leaders, elected officials, advocates and citizens to engage with policy related to the country's full array of energy sources.

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Center embraces and elevates W&J’s liberal arts tradition of educating tomorrow’s leaders. The Center offers students unmatched research opportunities, internships, certificate programs, and hands-on experience that will prepare them to be stewards of the nation’s energy resources.

Analyzing Energy Independence

The Center’s Washington & Jefferson Energy Index is a tool designed for use by technical and non-technical experts alike in analyzing the nation’s progress towards energy independence and security.


Center for Energy Policy and Management
Washington & Jefferson College
Corey Young, Director
60 South Lincoln Street
Washington, Pa. 15301
Phone: 724-503-1001, ext. 6871

For more information, please see the Center for Energy & Policy Management PDF.