The mission of the Sustainability Committee at Washington & Jefferson College is to promote a shared sense of responsibility towards the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our campus, our community, and our world.

Comprised of students, faculty, and staff, the Committee seeks to develop a campus-wide ethic of sustainability in order to educate our community and lead by example. Understanding that sustainability is both a goal and a process, the Committee seeks to implement this mission by:

  • Advancing sustainability in College operations, academics, and campus life
  • Fostering collaboration among W&J, the community, and the world to promote a greater understanding of sustainability.
  • Cultivating affection, respect, and stewardship for our campus through a shared appreciation of its history and future
  • Creating, implementing, and promoting the College’s Climate Action Plan through the engagement of faculty, students and staff.

Guide to Green Living

The Sustainability Committee in collaboration with Environmental Studies courses has produced a guide to help everyone lower their environmental impact on campus.

Connect to Nature

The best way to understand the importance of nature is immerse yourself in it. W&J is surrounded by beautiful landscapes that allow for many types of outdoor recreation.


Sustainability & Custom Majors

Would you like to somehow create a custom major around sustainability and environment? By combining the Environmental Studies Major and Thematic Major, you can do just that. Visit our College Catalog to see how you can design your own Sustainability major.

Learn more about the Environmental Studies Major below:

Interested in Sustainability?

See below for a variety of ways to get involved:

W&J Sustainability Committee –The Mission of the College Sustainability Committee is to promote a shared sense of responsibility towards the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our campus, our community, and our world. This committee consists of faculty, staff, and students. Contact Dr. March for more information.

Green Club – The Green Club is an environmentally centered club working to improve the campus through environmental education and the establishment of sustainable practices. Contact Dr. East for more information.

Swanson Solar Lab – Swanson Solar Lab - a group of students and a faculty advisor who conduct research on the efficiency of small scale solar power generation on campus. Contact Dr. McCracken for more information.

Naturalist Society – The Naturalist Society examines the natural world including humans through interdisciplinary perspectives.  Field trips and discussions have focused on natural history, ecology, environmental studies, philosophy, and literature. Contact Dr. Kilgore for more information.

Outdoors Club – Student club facilitating outdoor recreational opportunities. Contact Dr. Kilgore for more information.

Outdoors club members pose for a photo as student organizations and clubs hosted tables at the Involvement Expo.

More Information

For more information: