As a leader in the region and in higher education, W&J College supports a variety of initiatives that provide you with opportunities to get involved with issues you care about. Our sustainability, energy policy and management, and entrepreneurship opportunities connect you with your community and the world.

Leading Sustainability

Bringing together the values of sustainability, service, and education, the Sustainability Committee promotes sustainability-related initiatives on campus and in the community. It is an active example of ethical leadership and collaboration on campus to protect and improve local and global stewardship of the environment.


Leading Energy Policy

Fostering collaborative conversations between industry, science, and government, the Center for Energy Policy and Management provides opportunities for education and research about energy, economic growth, and the environment.


Leading Entrepreneurship

The Washington Area Business Incubator (WABI) is a partnership in which the City of Washington, Washington County, the Observer Publishing Company, and members of the region\'s business community provide access and support for emerging entrepreneurs and ongoing development of the region's economic strength and vitality.