Small Business Center

Through this distinct opportunity, students studying business at the College provide specialized, on-site management assistance to local businesses. W&J students work together in small groups under the supervision of a faculty member to reinforce and apply what they have learned in the areas of management, accounting, and administration. The Small Business Center (SBC) is just one of many examples of how W&J students are exposed to real-world, practical experiences during their time at W&J in order to provide them with the utmost preparation for their careers after graduation.

Below are just a few examples of what W&J students have done through the SBC:

  • Performed target market analysis and developed target market advertising for several businesses
  • Helped a multi-location business evaluate profitability by location, and made recommendations to improve operations at the various locations
  • Performed a competitor analysis for a company investigating expansion into a new line of business
  • Researched possible new locations for both a relocating business and an expanding business
  • Conducted a donor analysis for a community service organization Prepared a growth potential analysis and developed marketing materials for a small consulting firm
  • Designed a floor plan and efficient work flow for a local restaurant