Sustainability At W&J

The mission of the Sustainability Committee at Washington & Jefferson College is to promote a shared sense of responsibility towards the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our campus, our community, and our world.

Comprised of students, faculty, and staff, the Committee seeks to develop a campus-wide ethic of sustainability in order to educate our community and lead by example. Understanding that sustainability is both a goal and a process, the Committee seeks to implement this mission by:

  • Advancing sustainability in College operations, academics, and campus life
  • Fostering collaboration among W&J, the community, and the world to promote a greater understanding of sustainability.
  • Cultivating affection, respect, and stewardship for our campus through a shared appreciation of its history and future
  • Creating, implementing, and promoting the College’s Climate Action Plan through engagement of faculty, students and staff.

The Sustainability Committee’s activities are carried out by working groups with their own chairs and objectives. The Committee encourages members of the College community to join existing working group or to propose and create their own working groups to pursue sustainability-related initiatives.

For more information, see the Sustainability Committee wiki or contact Sustainability Committee Chairman Cory Christenson.