Sustainability At W&J

The mission of the Sustainability Committee at Washington & Jefferson College is to promote a shared sense of responsibility towards the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our campus, our community, and our world.

Comprised of students, faculty, and staff, the Committee seeks to develop a campus-wide ethic of sustainability in order to educate our community and lead by example. Understanding that sustainability is both a goal and a process, the Committee seeks to implement this mission by:

  • Advancing sustainability in College operations, academics, and campus life
  • Fostering collaboration among W&J, the community, and the world to promote a greater understanding of sustainability.
  • Cultivating affection, respect, and stewardship for our campus through a shared appreciation of its history and future
  • Creating, implementing, and promoting the College’s Climate Action Plan through the engagement of faculty, students and staff.

For more information, see the Sustainability Committee MyW&J Page or contact Sustainability Committee Co-Chairs Deborah Polvani and Rebecca McDonald.