European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This information pertains to students who are (or intend to become) matriculated at Washington & Jefferson for coursework.

Q: Whom do I contact regarding questions about Data Privacy for citizens of the EU?

A: Office of the Registrar

Q: Who uses data collected about citizens of the EU?

A: Offices across campus receive necessary information to make arrangements to support students. Examples are the Office of International Programs, Office of the Registrar, Office of Admissions, Student Life, Campus & Public Safety, and ITS (Information & Technology Services). Information is shared on a need to know basis.

Q: Why is the data collected?

A: W&J's accrediting body (MSCHE), the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Department of Homeland Security, require the college to collect certain information in order to enroll students.. The college also needs academic and personal information to admit, matriculate and house students, as well as, meet their student life needs while on campus.

Q: How long is the data retained?

A: Records regarding academic coursework, transcripts, applications and degree status are retained indefinitely. Personal data, email accounts, and directory information are deleted 60 days after degree completion.

Q: Who else might have access to the data and under what circumstances?

A: W&J employees authorized to view student records, IT staff, Department of Homeland Security -when immigration paperwork is issued.

Q: When is personal data transferred to others?

A: W&J typically only transmits academic information on student records outside of campus upon request. (Example: Student requests a transcript)

The Office of International Programs sends transcripts to partner institutions upon completion of an academic program by an exchange student. This is done for transfer of credit so that exchange students may complete their degrees at their home institution.

Personal data is shared across campus offices as necessary and only by employees who require the information.

Q: What information about personal data collection may I request?

A: Transcripts, directory information

Q: How may I withdraw consent to collect/use my data?

A: Office of the Registrar

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about how my data is used?

A: Office of the Registrar

W&J’s Statement is built off of guidelines from the European Commission.