Policy for Religious Life at W&J

Washington & Jefferson College is an independent institution subject only to the control of its Board of Trustees. The tradition of the College is nonsectarian, ensuring all students complete freedom in their religious beliefs.

The College offers opportunities for religious inquiry through academic courses and recognizes the value and place of spiritual development in its curricular and extracurricular programs. While religious life opportunities exist on campus, students are also encouraged to worship with the congregations available in the community.

The College Chaplain coordinates a program that includes religious activities, advising student religious organizations, spiritual counseling of students, and functions as liaison with community religious organizations. Students are afforded opportunities for religious expression through self-initiated activities. The Religious Activities Board is responsible for assisting in planning, coordinating, and implementing religious programs at the College, encouraging interfaith cooperation and communication.

All student religious organizations are expected to be consistent with the educational mission of the College. They are to conduct their meetings in approved locations under the guidance of the Office of the College Chaplain. These organizations like all other recognized campus organizations are responsible to the Office of Student Life, the student government, and the faculty.