Religious Activities Board

The Religious Activities Board (RAB) functions under the administrative Office of the College Chaplain and is responsible to the Office of Student Life. The College Chaplain convenes the Board at appropriate times during the school year.

The Board consists of representatives of existing student religious organizations (students and advisors) and other invited members, with these aims:

  • to assist in planning, coordinating, and implementing religious programs at the College
  • to foster the vitality and enhance the growth and development of each existing student religious organization at W&J
  • to identify, assist, and provide guidance to new or emerging student religious groups that wish to organize and achieve recognition by Student Government
  • to provide a forum for religious issues, topics, or timely debates that surface at the college
  • to provide assistance to inactive student religious organizations
  • to encourage ecumenical and interfaith cooperation and communication
  • to broaden the spectrum of student religious leadership on campus
  • to take seriously W&J as a pluralistic society