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The Strategic Planning process began in the winter of 2018, drawing on information gathered in multi-constituent surveys and the Middle States self-study. Subcommittees were formed to investigate six areas of focus.

Each of the subcommittees met on a regular basis throughout the summer and fall of 2018, and held open forums for staff and faculty. Subcommittee members compiled the data they gathered into white papers and submitted them to the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) in January 2019.

The SPC used this information to refine priorities, and the Board of Trustees held a retreat in June 2019 to provide input and guidance on these strategic initiatives.

Concurrent with the strategic planning process, Art & Science Group conducted ongoing research about campus and prospective students, which was presented during the summer of 2019.

All of this work has served as the foundation for the College’s strategic plan, which was presented to the Board of Trustees for approval in the fall of 2019.