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W&J Senior Arianna Taylor smiles.

Arianna Taylor

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My proudest accomplishment at W&J has been being a LINK Mentor. As a first year student, my LINK Mentor had a huge impact on me and I am so happy that I have been able to serve as a LINK Mentor in my senior year.

Dr. Charvonne N. Holliday Nworu ’08 smiles next to W&J sophomore Dylan Joachim.
Dr. Charvonne N. Holliday Nworu ’08 smiles next to W&J sophomore Dylan Joachim.

Celebrating W&J’s Black History: Then and Now ft. “The Future-Focused Reformer”

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WASHINGTON, PA (February 14, 2022)—This February, Washington & Jefferson College is celebrating Black History Month by continuing our “Then and Now” series, a joint effort with W&J’s Black Student Union (BSU) that recognizes some of our accomplished Black alumni and the current students who are carrying on their legacy. Throughout the month, we…

Tiana Swierski

Graduating senior lands Human Resources job with UPMC

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WASHINGTON, PA (December 10, 2021)—Graduating Washington & Jefferson College senior Tiana Swierski has discovered the latest trend in personal wellness: a fresh, new career in healthcare administration.

Communication Arts

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Develop habits of perception and expression that prepare you for success. Gain historical insight, theoretical literacy, and practical opportunities in the Communication Arts with this program at W&J College.

W&J Professor Gives Keynote Address at Texas Tech Colloquium

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WASHINGTON, PA (November 17, 2021) – A year after the release of their book, “Reframing Sex: Unlearning the Gender Binary with Trans Masculine YouTube Vloggers,” Stevie Berberick, Ph.D. had the opportunity to discuss it as the keynote speaker at Texas Tech’s annual Gender & Sexual Identities Colloquium. The assistant professor of communications arts at Washington…

Illusionist Craig Karges performs for freshman during orientation in the theatre in Olin Fine Arts Center at Washington & Jefferson College August 27, 2019.


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Gain appreciation for and develop skills in the writing, staging, performance, and analysis of theatrical productions through this emphasis. Learn to participate knowledgably in multiple aspects of the creation of works performed before a live audience.

Public Relations

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Acquire the skills for graduate study or participation in the enterprise defined by the Public Relations Society of America as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” in this emphasis for the Communication Arts major.

Media Studies

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Prepare to ask and answer questions about film as artistic expression in this emphasis for communication arts majors. Learn how technical, social, and historical constraints shape cinematic storytelling practices, and how different audiences in different times and places may interpret specific films differently.