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A headshot of W&J senior Blake Melchert.
W&J senior Lily Bonasso sits in front of a bookcase and smiles.
W&J senior Maria Sherwood poses with arms crossed in front of a map.
W&J junior Holly Troesch smiles in front of a wooded backdrop.
W&J junior Hannah Luttringer poses with arms crossed and smiles at the camera.
Side-by-side photos of W&J juniors Hannah Luttringer and Holly Troesch. In each photo, the students stand alone and smile at the camera.

Juniors in Germany: W&J students snag two of five Delta Phi Alpha study abroad scholarships

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WASHINGTON, PA (May 11, 2022)—W&J juniors Hannah Luttringer and Holly Troesch are really going places. Or, rather, one particular place: Lüneburg, Germany. 

W&J senior Star Rosnick smiles at the camera.

Star Rosnick

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W&J senior Isabell Kratz smiles in front of pick flowers.
W&J senior Catherine Martin smiles at the camera.

Catherine Martin

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W&J senior William Dunn smiles at the camera.