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At Washington & Jefferson College, you can design your academic study from our 32 majors and 27 minors. Our faculty and supporting organizations are here to help you find, forge, and blaze the path of study you need to reach your individual potential.


Majors and Minors

From Accounting to Web & Mobile Technologies, our majors, minors, pre-professional programs, and partnerships offer breadth and depth. All of our programs emphasize experiential learning, small class sizes, and professionalization.


Beyond the Classroom

You want real-world experience while you're in college, not after college. W&J College offers a variety of programs to take you places. Expand your classroom learning with internships, research, and study abroad.


Faculty & Advising

Recognized for their research, their publications, their artwork, and their teaching, our faculty keep you intellectually engaged and get you professionally prepared. You'll find W&J College professors actively beside you in the lab, traveling with you to present research at academic or professional conferences, or helping you write a proposal. As your advisors, our faculty support your dreams and help you design your best course of study.

Faculty & Advising

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