Exchange Students

Why W&J?

The Office of Global Education welcomes exchange students from around the world to our historic campus nestled in the city of Washington, Pennsylvania. Students who choose to study at W&J are able to participate in a quintessential American college experience that is rooted in a liberal arts education. Students who study with us, even if just for one semester, are able to join the College’s sports teams, academic organizations, and social clubs. Students can take courses from a variety of subjects and are invited to share their perspectives with their classmates. Students may only be a part of our on-campus community for a short time, but they will forever be a W&J President in the eyes of the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of our institution


At W&J, international students can expect a high level of support from our office along with the rest of the W&J community. Our office prides itself on cultivating a community of care. We invite students to both on- and off- campus events and excursions throughout the semester.

Available Resources

There are many resources available to exchange students on our campus:

(Learn more about these resources under “Academics")

  • Access to free laundry and printing
  • Priority course registration
  • 60+ student-lead organizations
  • Free peer tutoring across several subjects
  • Average class size is fewer than 20 students
  • 60+ areas of study
  • Free transportation to campus from PIT airport on arrival days for new students
  • Guaranteed on-campus housing
  • Free access to recreational facilities on campus
  • Linen service provided to incoming international students (for a fee)
Students study in the atrium of Swanson Science Center during the Creosote Affects photo shoot May 2, 2019 at Washington & Jefferson College.

Take a quick glance at the perks of studying at W&J!

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Application Process

Please contact your home institution’s international office or for application instructions!

Application Submission Deadlines

Applicants for the Fall Semester Applicants for the Spring Semester
Nomination deadline: March 1stNomination deadline: October 1st
Application deadline: March 15thApplication Deadline: October 15th


W&J offers a variety of different courses. Please note that course availability changes year to year. You can read about courses and academics in the College Catalog. You will be able to view the course offerings for your given semester by using Web Advisor.

Credit System

At W&J, students will typically take four courses. Full time is considered to be 12 academic credits. However, at W&J it is normal for students to enroll in four courses or 16 academic credits per semester.

Note: As an F-1 student, you must be enrolled in 12 academic credits to maintain your status.



Fall Semester Spring Semester
Fall semester begins in late August and concludes in mid-December.Spring semester begins in late January and concludes mid-May.

For specific dates for a future semester, please email

All international students will attend our mandatory orientation program. Orientation precedes each academic term and will help you start out on the right foot. During our orientation program, students will learn about various resources on campus from different departments across the College. Students will meet with Campus & Public Safety, Health and Counseling Services, various members of Student Life, and many others! Students will also have a session with our office, where we will provide guidance to maintaining their F-1 status. (View our handout on maintaining F-1 status below).

The goal of orientation is for students to feel familiar with campus and the College’s various resources. Our orientation also wants students to become familiar of the Washington area. In past orientation programs, we have taken a visit to the Historic Bradford House, gone mini-golfing, bowling, and have done “Taste of Washington Tours,” in which students get to taste foods from local eateries, all at no cost to the students.

Note: Students will also learn the "must-knows" for living on campus with the help of our student Global Ambassadors. Incoming exchange students will first meet the Global Ambassadors when they arrive at the airport. Our Ambassadors will be there to meet them in baggage claim and then bring them back to campus. Our Global Ambassadors will give students a tour of campus, talk to them about the different dining options, answer questions about student experience, and most importantly, are a friendly face to our exchange students.

Academic and Cultural Support

All students at W&J College have access to academic support and advising. W&J College is committed to the academic success of every student for their duration of study at the College. W&J College also offers a variety of academic support services. Students have free access to a Peer Assisted Learning program, the Writing Center, the Center for Professional Pathways, and our Student Health and Counseling Center.

The Office of Global Education is happy to provide students with academic, cultural, and social support at every step of their journey as a W&J student. Students can expect to hear from our office throughout the semester with friendly messages about cultural events, scheduling regular check-ins, and reminders regarding their status as an F-1 student.

As an international student, you are required to be enrolled in our insurance plan, currently offered through CISI. Students will typically be billed during the fall semester for the entire year. The plan costs approximately $115 per month. Insurance provider, plan and costs are subject to change. Please feel free to email with questions or for a copy of the current brochure.

Getting Invovled

Washington & Jefferson College is a great institution for students that want to get involved with others. W&J has 60+ student clubs and organizations, some of which include: Asian Culture Association, Dance Team, Green Club, Model United Nations, and even a Star Wars Club! There is something for everyone at W&J.

While student organizations host events for their members, various offices across the College also host events open for students to attend. These types of events include movie screenings, crafting events, and themed parties. In the past, the Office of International Programs has organized excursions to the city of Pittsburgh, a pie baking class, a trip to a local amusement park, a bonfire night, and many others!

Learn more about Washington, PA and all that it has to offer!



W&J has a variety of modern and comfortable residence halls in which our students live. Most residence halls are equipped with common spaces, communal kitchenettes, laundry facilities, and WIFI. A majority of our on-campus housing also uses a shared living style. You will most likely be paired with another W&J student with the same gender. This might sound strange if you have never shared a bedroom before, but there are many perks to having an American roommate. They are often one of your first friends, they are a resource for you if you have questions, and they might even introduce you to different perspectives in American culture!

A room in Wade Hall—Wade Hall is all women housing and contains a full kitchen and laundry room.
A room in Wade Hall—Wade Hall is all women housing and contains a full kitchen and laundry room.

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, make sure that you mark that on your preference form so that the Office of Residence Life can pair you with someone with similar habits. If you have any questions about the housing situation before arrival, please email!

Resources for Exchange Students

All students participating in an exchange program to W&J will need to obtain an F-1 visa. Below are a free resources on applying for an F-1 visa. W&J will provide admitted students with a form 1-20.

Note: If you chose to stay on campus during breaks and/or holidays, dining services may be limited or unavailable. Meals may not be included in your meal plan over breaks or holidays.

Contact us!

You are welcome to contact us with any questions, big or small!

For general information and questions, please email

We look forward to welcoming you to the W&J community!

The Hub as seen October 21, 2019 during the Creosote Affects photo shoot at Washington & Jefferson College.