Semester-long study abroad opportunities are available to Washington & Jefferson College students of every major and field of study. W&J students have studied art and architecture in Italy, theatre in London and Ireland, biology in Australia, and numerous other fields in various parts of the world.

Why Study Abroad?

Strengthen your resume. The number of employers who hire those with international experience will continue to grow. People are being asked to understand the global aspect of their chosen field, and study abroad can give valuable insights.

Study your major in its context. Studying European history in the buildings where that history was made, international economics in a developing country, or comparative politics in a new democracy can make your subject come alive.

Improve your foreign language skills. While many of W&J's approved programs off-campus programs offer coursework in English, a number of them allow you to take coursework in a foreign language. Study in a country where English isn't the native language, and you can do more than just study the language - you can live it!

Travel. Once you are overseas, you may want to explore other cities and countries, or simply get to know your host country well. You can take advantage of proximity to visit places that interest you, but which you haven't before had the opportunity to visit.

Learn about a foreign culture. Immersing yourself in a culture teaches you far more than you could ever learn in a language class or by reading about a country.

Learn about American culture. Just as you learn about the rhythms of life in a foreign country, you become aware of the rhythms of life in the US by comparison. In addition, learning how the US and Americans are viewed abroad is a great way to reflect on our own culture.

Learn about yourself. Students who study abroad frequently challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zone - and by doing so, they realize just how much they are capable of achieving. Students who return from study abroad report greater confidence in themselves, more independence, higher levels of cultural sensitivity, and a thirst for travel.