The proposal for a Thematic Major must include the following information:

  • An essay that outlines the theme being pursued and a rationale for this theme;
  • A listing of the courses that constitute the major (which may include courses already taken by the student) and a detailed explanation for the selection of each course that contributes to the theme. Where possible, students should indicate how independent work in the classes (essays, presentations, etc.) will be focused on themes related to the Thematic Major;
  • A minimum of ten (10) courses must be proposed, though typical Thematic Majors encompass between twelve and sixteen courses, including independent studies and a capstone. The program should demonstrate breadth as well as depth; and introductory-level courses should be held to a minimum;
  • A plan for a capstone experience, which can be accomplished by a special independent study project, a senior thesis, an internship, or an equivalent academic experience. The capstone plan must include the means of evaluation.
  • Please complete your plan and submit an electronic copy to the Curriculum & Program Committee ( as well as the original signed copy of your proposal to the Office of Academic Affairs no later than the add/drop period in the first semester of your junior year.