For students interested in completing an Intersession Health-Related Internship experience for course credit, please read ALL of the information below, as well as filling out all the appropriate forms for internships.

ELE 198J - Health-Related Learning Experience

This experience is designed to provide Junior (preferably) or Senior students with first-hand knowledge about various aspects of the health professions. The internships are established by students working under the supervision of an on-campus academic advisor and an off-campus sponsor. Interns are expected to be "on the job" full time, which means about 40 hours/week. Internships may include: 1) actual course work, 2) seminar attendance, 3) classroom visitations, 4) clinical experience, 5) office observations, 6) research activities, or most often, 7) a combination of the preceding possibilities. Off-campus sponsors are state and federal government laboratories, graduate schools, professional health schools, clinics, hospitals, or health care practitioners. Off-campus sponsors will be contacted near the end of Intersession for evaluation of the intern's progress. A Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory grade will be assigned based on the student's performance during the internship along with performance on a written daily log and a paper to be completed by the end of the internship. The intern will provide his or her own room and board and travel expenses unless successfully applying for funding from other sources. For more information about Intersession health-related internships, please contact your academic advisor and/or the Chair of the Committee on Health Professions.


You MUST read the information on the Academic Affairs website! All paperwork must be completed properly, and in full, and all deadlines must be met. In order to meet the Academic Affairs application deadlines, you must start making contacts with your on-campus advisor and off-campus sponsor well before November.

Students must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or above to be eligible to do an internship. Students on academic probation are not eligible.

The deadline for all paperwork to be completed, and all signatures obtained, is NOVEMBER 15th.

On the Internship application (downloadable at the Academic Affairs link above), a full mailing address for your off-campus sponsor must be provided. We need to have that full address so that we can mail a grading form to your off-campus sponsor during Intersession.

The Internship application also requires a separate essay explaining why you are doing the Internship and how it will advance your pre-health interests. You must also provide a detailed, written accounting of your 40 hours per week that you will spending during Intersession. These are things that should be negotiated between yourself and your off-campus sponsor.

The Internship application includes the "Intent-to-Sponsor Internship Form", which must be filled out by your off-campus sponsor and signed. This form is part of your application, and needs to be completed and included with your application, to be turned in to your on-campus academic advisor by November 15th.

Your application must be signed first by you ("Student Intern" on the form), then by your on-campus academic advisor ("Faculty Project Advisor" on the form), then by the Chair of the Committee on Health Professions ("Chair of Department" -- in this case the course is labeled ELE 198J -- the internship credit is not attached to any particular department, but these internships will be approved by the Chair of the Committee on Health Professions, representing the Committee on Health Professions). The Chair of the Committee on Health Professions will then forward the paperwork to the Academic Affairs Office for approval. Remember, all of these signatures need to be obtained BY November 15th!

In addition to the written evaluation by your off-campus supervisor (An "Internship Grade Report Form" will be mailed to your off-campus sponsor by the Chair of the Committee on Health Professions in mid-January), you will keep a written daily log that will be examined by your on-campus academic advisor at the end of Intersession. In addition, a written paper is a requirement for the Internship. The topic of the paper, usually around 5-10 pages, may be negotiated with your off-campus sponsor, but is intended to be a paper beneficial to both the student and the off-campus sponsor. Papers may be a write-up of a case study, a summary of work completed, an analysis of what was learned during the internship, etc. Copies of the paper are provided to your off-campus sponsor and your on-campus academic advisor. The due date for these written components of the course is the first day of spring semester.

Your on-campus academic advisor will enter your grade (S or U) in WebAdvisor once you turn in your daily logs and paper, and the "Internship Grade Report Form" from your off-campus supervisor is received.

What's Next?

Please contact the Chair of the Pre-Health Professions Committee at if you are interested in this program.