The 3+4 W&J and Jefferson University Integrated Program in Human Health

The mission of the seven-year BA/MD W&J2 Integrated Program in Human Health between W&J and the Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) at Jefferson University is to produce physicians with a holistic understanding of the human condition, grounded in the liberal arts with a strong proficiency in the natural sciences, who are dedicated to life-long learning, capable of self-reflection and integrative thinking, and who can care for patients in the context of their family, community, and society. To be eligible for the program, at the time of entry to W&J students must have a minimum composite SAT score (Critical Reading and Mathematics) of 1200 with no score in either section less than 600, or a minimum composite ACT score (English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science) of 26 with no score in any section less than 24. Only students who major in a discipline outside of the natural sciences may apply to this program.

Up to four promising students from W&J will be nominated by W&J faculty at the beginning of the second regular semester of their second year at W&J on the basis of academic performance, career goals, preparation, and citizenship. On approval by SKMC admissions faculty, students will complete an undergraduate curriculum that maps to the medical school entry competencies, while assuring a balanced liberal arts background to include a major in a discipline outside of the natural sciences. Students will be provided the opportunity to transfer to SKMC following successful completion of Year 3 at W&J contingent on continued satisfactory academic progress and responsible citizenship. Course credits completed during the first year at SKMC will be applied to satisfy degree requirements at W&J at which point the BA degree will be awarded by W&J. Summer sessions will be used to provide the opportunity for course work at W&J, as well as early clinical exposure and research experience that may be facilitated by SKMC. The MD degree will be granted by SKMC upon successful completion of Year 4 of medical school. Questions about the W&J2 program may be addressed to Dr. Steven Malinak at