W&J Medical Scholars Program With the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Through the W&J Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM) at Temple University Medical Scholars Program, LKSOM will reserve a limited number of medical school spaces for qualified incoming W&J freshmen each year. Students apply for acceptance to this 8-year joint BA/MD program prior to the start of their freshman year during the application process to W&J. United States citizens and permanent residents can apply. To be considered, a student must:

  1. Be accepted to W&J,
  2. Submit an application to the Medical Scholars Program by December 10,
  3. Have a combined SAT critical reading + math score of greater than 1350, with no score in verbal, math, or writing below 600, OR have an ACT Composite score of 31 or higher,
  4. Be in the top 5% of his or her high school class if class rank is provided,
  5. Have an interview with the Pre-Health Professions Committee at W&J, and
  6. Have an interview with a member of the Admission Committee at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.

Substantial science coursework and completion of AP science coursework are looked upon favorably in the application process. Students who are accepted into the Medical Scholars program would subsequently be accepted into LKSOM if their overall undergraduate GPA and science GPA (biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics) at W&J are at least 3.6 averaged over the first 3 years with no grade less than "B-" and without repeating a course. All prerequisite courses for admission to medical school must be completed at W&J.

The minimum acceptable MCAT score (taken by May of the junior year) requires scoring 509 overall with no individual section score lower than 126.  Students must also complete 50 hours of medically-related shadowing and/or experiences, 50 hours of community service activities, and demonstrate commitment to serving others through extracurricular activities.

The candidate must apply to the Lewis Katz School of Medicine during the summer preceding his or her senior year at W&J using the "Combined Bachelors/Medical Degree" designation on the American Association of Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS). Note that this is a "restricted" application type, meaning that a student who chooses to use the "guaranteed" seat with Temple cannot apply to other medical schools. If a student chooses to apply to other schools, the guaranteed seat must be relinquished, but application to Temple may still be done through the regular medical school admissions process.

Application Process: Students should send in their W&J College application as soon as possible, preferably early in the Fall. Students should be sure to choose “Pre-Health (Pre-Allopathic Medicine)” under the Pre-Professional Programs field. Note also that because Temple requires a particular level of performance on the SAT/ACT exam, students MUST elect to submit their SAT/ACT scores to W&J (i.e., students interested in applying for the Temple Medical Scholars Program are not eligible to use the SAT/ACT Score Optional policy).

Students that meet the SAT/ACT and other criteria listed will be sent information about the Medical Scholars program, including an application for the program. Typically, information is sent out to eligible candidates about once per month until late November.  IMPORTANT: If you do not get your fully complete W&J application submitted by the end of November, you will likely not be considered for the program.

The Medical Scholars application is due back to the Admissions Office at W&J by December 10. These applications, along with the W&J applications, will be reviewed to select a smaller number of individuals who will be phone interviewed by members of the W&J Pre-Health Professions Committee. Once W&J interviews these candidates, we will send an interview report along with your W&J and Medical Scholars applications to LKSOM, who will then determine which candidates will be invited for an interview in Philadelphia. The decisions on which students are accepted to the Medical Scholars Program are made by LSKOM.

More information about this program can be found on the Lewis Katz School of Medicine Special Admissions Programs website.