The guidelines below help evaluate potential Thematic Majors.

  1. Students are encouraged to submit proposals for Thematic Majors as early in their academic careers as possible. Those who seek general guidance or an initial point of contact should consult the Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Office of Academic Affairs or their advisor. Successful Thematic Major proposals rely heavily on student initiative, faculty guidance, and effectively utilize college resources such the Office of Academic Affairs & the Office of Career Services where appropriate.
  2. The Thematic Major is to be interdisciplinary in nature and reflect the spirit of the liberal arts. It must span at least two departments or programs in the College. If the Thematic Major title is something that outside audiences would recognize as a major (“Computer Science,” “Art History,” or “American Studies,” for example) it should meet the requirements and expectations that these audiences would have of that major.
  3. Students should carefully consider their reasons and necessity for pursuing a Thematic Major, and whether a combination of existing programs (majors, minors, concentrations) will satisfy their intended purposes.
  4. Applicants must find three members of the faculty who are willing and qualified to serve as major advisors; one of these should be designated as the primary advisor. Advisors must be from at least two departments or programs in the College.
  5. After consulting with his or her Thematic Major advisors, the student will submit a detailed proposal to the Curriculum & Program Committee ( and the Academic Affairs office. The proposal must have the written approval of the faculty advisors.
  6. Students pursuing a Thematic Major must complete all other general and specific curricular requirements for graduation.
  7. If the Thematic Major is approved, the proposal will be kept on file in the Library and in the Office of Academic Affairs. Subsequent changes to the program or changes in advisors must be approved by the Curriculum & Program Committee ( The copy held by the Office of Academic Affairs will be the official copy used to define the major and to determine completion of the major.

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