This outline structure will help with an essay for defining a Thematic Major proposal.

Thematic Major Proposal Essay

I. Introduction: Synopsis of Proposed Major

II. Background for Proposal

A. Definition of Thematic Major
B. Rationale for Pursuing Major (include a reference to at least one other institution that offers such a major - if applicable)

III. Objectives

A. Short Term (at W&J)
B. Long Term (after W&J) (include a course layout in the major for at least one of the schools referenced under II.B - if applicable)

IV. Course Selections and Rationales

V. Independent Study/ Senior Capstone Project

A. Purpose
B. Nature of the study

VI. Timeline

A. Junior Year Classes, including Internship(s)
B. Senior Year Classes, including Independent Study/Senior Capstone Project
C. Projected Scheduling for remaining classes to meet graduation requirements

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Core Advisors

A. Advisor 1: Department A
B. Advisor 2: Department B
C. Advisor 3
[Include signatures]

Submit an electronic copy to the Curriculum & Program Committee ( as well as the original signed copy of your proposal to the Office of Academic Affairs no later than the add/drop period in the first semester of your junior year.