Our Programs

Washington & Jefferson College provides a top-ranked four-year, co-ed liberal arts education. We offer 32 majors and several minors and concentrations in a variety of rewarding fields, including our internationally-recognized pre-law and pre-health programs.

At W&J, you’ll have access to pre-professional and special programs, emphases, concentrations, and other academic opportunities. Our small class sizes assure that you’ll receive personal attention while you study, and our collaborative curriculum ensures a college experience tailored to you.


The Accounting program of the Department of Economics & Business provides the opportunity to study what is often called “the language of business.”  The program prepares students for entry-level positions in public accounting, private business organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental entities, or for a wide variety of graduate programs including accounting, business and law. Within […]

African-American Studies

The African-American Studies Program maintains that the experience and contributions of African Americans are central to American culture as a whole. Interdisciplinary in focus, this concentration explores the diverse experiences of African-American people from the period of European contact with North America and the beginnings of the Atlantic slave trade to the contemporary moment through […]

American Studies

American Studies is a four-course concentration for students in any major. The program combines the perspectives of many disciplines to examine American life, history, and culture, and to consider the relationship between the United States and the world. American Studies encourages thoughtful reflection, and is useful for both Americans and international students wishing to study […]


Arabic courses provide students with knowledge of a language that is becoming increasingly important in modern social, economic and humanitarian settings. From energy production and the realignment of international politics, to life-changing questions of religion and philosophy and new uses for scarce natural resources, Arabic and those who speak it are poised to remain at […]

Art Conservation

The art conservation minor provides students with an experience in cultural preservation built on chemistry, art, and art history. Students who complete this six- to eight-course minor will acquire a foundation in chemistry, experience the creative process of design, and identify the artistic heritage of art. They will integrate this knowledge in an experience that […]

Art Education

The Department of Art and Art History is dedicated to teaching studio art, art education, and the history of art and to advising majors in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and independence among faculty and students. The Art Education major, associated with the Department of Art and Art History as well as the Department of […]

Art History

The Department of Art and Art History is dedicated to teaching studio art, art education, and the history of art and to advising majors in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and independence among faculty and students. With an Art History minor, you’ll gain knowledge of historical and contemporary art movements, art objects, artists, and aesthetics […]


The mission of the Biochemistry program, in conjunction with the liberal arts environment at Washington & Jefferson College, is to develop students into both broadly and specifically educated individuals prepared to perform competitively in a scientific community that is increasingly seeking well-rounded professionals. Drawing upon the strengths of the contributing departments (primarily Biology and Chemistry), the […]

Biological Physics

Biological Physics is a discipline that investigates the physical problems presented by biological systems, applying physics principles and techniques to gain new insights into the processes of life. This interdisciplinary major, administered by the Physics Department, is intended to prepare students to contribute to or pursue graduate study in areas of the life sciences and […]


The Biology faculty engage students in an exciting and challenging environment where they master biological concepts and develop scientific competencies necessary to be critical thinkers, successful professionals, and responsible citizens. Students use modern instrumentation and methodologies in the laboratory and field through coursework and independent research with faculty who lead programs in pre-health professions, neuroscience, […]

Business Administration

The Business Administration program of the Department of Economics & Business provides students with the opportunity to develop fundamental knowledge in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and management—disciplines essential to a career in management. Within the college’s liberal arts environment, the program develops competency in business management while stressing critical thinking and analysis, as well as […]


Chemistry is the central science, connecting biology, physics, medicine, environmental sciences, neuroscience, and engineering. We offer a rigorous program, certified by the American Chemical Society, and housed in the LEED-certified Swanson Science Center equipped with research-grade instrumentation. Students have the opportunity to conduct one-on-one research with faculty members, often presenting their work at regional and […]

Child Development and Education (CDE)

Child Development and Education is an inter-departmental major that offers a holistic approach to how children learn, focusing on development from birth through childhood. The major combines coursework in education and psychology to provide students with a firm grounding in developmental psychology and the principles of elementary instruction and assessment. Students majoring in Child Development […]


The Chinese program is designed to prepare students to successfully communicate and interact in Chinese-speaking cultures and communities. Students will develop their language skills, cultural awareness and knowledge through introductory, intermediate, and advanced language courses. Beyond the Classroom Students have a wide array of opportunities for research, internships, conferences, and networking beyond the classroom that […]

Communication Arts

The Department of Communication Arts includes faculty with expertise and research agendas in theatre, public relations, media studies, gender and women’s studies, theatre history, communication ethics, play writing and directing. We work to develop life-long learners as global citizens determined to build productive lives, fruitful careers, and vibrant communities. We develop habits of perception and […]

Computational Science

The Computational Science concentration is a program of the Computing and Information Studies. This concentration is available to all students except CIS majors and minors. The program provides students the opportunity to develop technical skills required for computational research or data-driven professional work, without taking on the full course load a CIS major or minor requires. Courses […]

Computer Science

The emphasis in Computer Science is available to Computing and Information Studies majors. It is designed for students intending to pursue graduate work focused on the foundational and theoretical underpinnings of the computing sciences. See the Visual Guide to the Computer Science emphasis for more information. Additional course information is available in the W&J College Catalog. Beyond […]

Computing and Information Studies (CIS)

The CIS curriculum combines aspects of history, sociology, psychology, communication, art, design, science, and mathematics. The program stresses problem solving and effective communication skills while addressing issues in computational thinking, visual culture, interaction design, data science, systems development, and security. Students select from a range of electives while continuing a course of study that provides […]

Conflict and Resolution Studies

The Conflict and Resolution Studies concentration provides interdisciplinary and international perspectives on the causes of conflict and the possibilities of resolution. The concentration offers theoretical insights into the causes of conflict—some positive and creative but far too many tragically destructive. The concentration courses embrace the study of interpersonal, intergroup, and societal conflicts in different cultures […]

Data Science

The emphasis in Data Science is available to Computing and Information Studies majors. It is an analog to the Computational Science concentration for CIS majors and focuses on the use of computer modeling, visualization and analysis over large data sets to solve complex problem solving tasks. See the Visual Guide for the Data Science Emphasis […]

Digital Media

The emphasis in Digital Media is available to Computing and Information Studies majors. It stresses visual literacy and creative problem solving and focuses on how people communicate meaning through innovative contexts capitalizing on various digital media. Visual Guide for Digital Media Emphasis (PDF) Additional course information is available in the W&J College Catalog.

Earth and Space Science

The Earth and Space Science program relates to numerous scientific departments and areas of study, but the courses are intended for non-science majors. Courses introduce students to a scientific appreciation of the natural world, and strengthen critical thinking, problem solving, and quantitative skills that are part of the liberal arts curriculum. Elective courses related to […]

East Asian Studies

The East Asian Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in languages, arts, humanities, and social sciences to give students a full understanding of East Asian culture. The East Asian minor requires seven courses, including language courses in Mandarin Chinese or Japanese. Students who take these courses prior to their enrollment at the […]


The Economics program of the Department of Economics & Business provides students with the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in economic theory and the analytical tools that will allow them to think critically about complex economic and social issues on both a domestic and global scale. The program challenges students’ intellectual curiosity by providing […]

Education (Teacher Certification)

Washington & Jefferson College has been preparing the best and brightest students to be our nation’s finest teachers for well over two centuries. Building on this historic tradition, W&J’s education department has become nationally and internationally recognized for its cutting edge, hands-on teacher education programs. Its curriculum and professors have won numerous awards. Most importantly, […]


W&J’s engineering and applied science dual-degree program allows students to begin their studies in an intensive liberal-arts environment, building a core of foundational skills such as oral and written communication and scientific and mathematical competency, before completing their studies at one of our partner institutions: Case Western Reserve University, Washington University in St. Louis, and […]


The Department of English offers courses in literary history and analysis, creative writing, and professional writing. Each student learns to read with comprehension, insight and appreciation; write with competence, grace and authority in both academic and practical settings; speak with clarity and confidence; and understand literature and literary history. The program prepares students for careers […]


The Entrepreneurship program of the Department of Economics and Business offers courses of study focused on value creation and value assessment as the critical overlay to the study of business and entrepreneurship. Real life interactions with business founders, owners and executives, and real time views of present-day business occurrences support this approach to understanding the […]

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science major is highly interdisciplinary, with emphasis in biology and chemistry and coursework in computing sciences, environmental policy, and mathematics. Students complete the introductory course and the Capstone Experience in Environmental Studies. Courses and research opportunities in the program empower students with the ability to apply appropriate scientific, technological, and critical thinking skills […]

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies major equips students with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities needed to engage with environmental issues spawned from the dynamics of climate change, ecological degradation, globalization, economic activity, and societal values. Interdisciplinary programming covers science, policy, aesthetics, social, and economic aspects with options to emphasize any of those areas. Coursework, independent research, and […]


The Finance program of the Department of Economics & Business provides students with the opportunity to develop the foundational knowledge of finance appropriate for entry-level positions in financial service organizations, graduate study in business or, when combined with additional preparation in mathematics, graduate study in finance. Within the college’s liberal arts environment, the program develops […]

First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar (FYS), required of all first-year students during the Fall Term, is both an intensive study of a focused topic and an introduction to the intellectual life of the College. We offer dozens of exciting topics taught in a discussion-based environment to promote engagement and intellectual curiosity. The course helps you make the […]

Forensic Science

The Forensic Science minor introduces students to the specialized fields of forensic science and the fundamental principles of science and technology upon which they are based. The six-course minor compliments the academic background of students interested in pursuing a career or graduate program in forensic science laboratory work; forensic pathology, dentistry, optometry, or a coroners […]


Spoken by more 200 million people on five continents, French is a globally important language of trade, culture and political systems and it is the second most commonly taught language in the world. French students at W&J learn the skills necessary to communicate in culturally appropriate ways with French speakers of diverse francophone communities. Courses […]

Gender and Women’s Studies

Gender and Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program that centers on issues of gender, sexuality, and the ways gender and sexuality shape human experience through history and across cultures. Students work closely with GWS faculty in discussion-centered courses and independent research projects. Our students become critical and creative thinkers, able to analyze gender through interdisciplinary […]


The German program at W&J is a nationally recognized Center of Excellence by the AATG. The program develops the skills, knowledge and qualities necessary to communicate and interact in German-speaking cultures around the world. Courses range from language acquisition to literature and film, and the major can be tailored to the cultural and career interests […]


The History major prepares students to work actively in fields related to history, or to pursue graduate and doctoral work in their chosen area of historical study, law or other related fields. More than 40 courses are offered, with particular focus on American, European and East Asian history, and opportunities for independent study or internships […]

Human Resource Management

Both the Psychology and Business Administration programs offer an emphasis in Human Resource Management providing an opportunity for students to more specifically explore the management of human capital in organizations. The requirements of each emphasis include completing the requirements of the major, either psychology or business, and the additional requirements of the emphasis as specified […]

Interaction Design

The emphasis in Interaction Design is available to Computing and Information Studies majors. It highlights the issues involved in designing computing systems in a human-centric manner and focuses on the theories and techniques involved in developing effective interfaces for information systems. See the CIS Visual Guide for Interaction Design Emphasis. Additional course information is available in […]

Interfaith Leadership Studies

The Interfaith Leadership Studies concentration is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills essential for professional and civic leaders in a religiously diverse society. As our national and global communities become increasingly interconnected and diverse, an ability to work effectively with individuals and communities with differing religious and cultural worldviews becomes a precondition for […]

International Business Administration

The International Business major prepares students to play an active role in today’s world of global commerce. This interdisciplinary program prepares students for working in and making significant contributions to an international economy. The major combines courses in the science and art of business language and cultural courses. The combination of coursework with study abroad […]

International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that expose students to a broad range of international issues through course offerings from the arts, humanities and social sciences. It also offers students the opportunity for in-depth study of a geographical area of the world through an area emphasis, language studies and study abroad program. In addition to […]

Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies minor provides students with an understanding of the many facets of Latin America including its literature and history, society and culture, economics and politics, languages, arts, humanities, and environment. Students are also given the opportunity to study the Latino experience in the United States, and delve into global issues that impact […]


The Business Administration program of the Department of Economics & Business offers an emphasis in Marketing providing an opportunity for students completing a major in business administration to explore more specifically areas such as of consumer behavior, market research and international marketing. The requirements of the emphasis include completing the requirements of the business major […]


The mission and goal of the Department of Mathematics is to cultivate in our students the careful logic, deep thinking, and creative ideas that characterize mathematical thought and contribute to responsible citizenship. By providing high-quality instruction in mathematical content, skills, and reasoning, the Department will contribute to the broad education of all students and will […]

Media Studies

The emphasis in media studies is available to communication arts majors. It aims to prepare students to ask and answer questions about film as artistic expression. How do technical, social, and historical constraints shape cinematic storytelling practices? How does a specific film invite a particular interpretation for a certain audience in a given time and […]

Mind and Language

The Mind and Language Program offers an interdisciplinary examination of language and mind through a combination of courses in several disciplines. Students may pursue a 6-course minor that combines required courses in foundational topics with elective courses in affiliated departments. The program seeks to prepare students for a successful career after college in various settings […]


Music is an integral part of a liberal arts education and vital to campus life at W&J. Our academic courses challenge students from all majors to think, speak, and write effectively about music. Our performance ensembles include choral, jazz, wind and chamber, and our program of instrumental and vocal instruction offers students private lessons with […]


The Neuroscience major and minor are rigorous interdisciplinary programs designed to provide a foundation in neuroscience and to allow students to focus their research interests in a variety of levels of nervous system functioning, from the activity of single neurons to the complexity of behavioral systems. Majors distribute their course work across the fields of […]

Operations Analytics

The Business Administration program of the Department of Economics & Business offers an emphasis in Operations Analytics providing an opportunity for students completing a major in business administration to explore more specifically the analysis of productivity, continuous process improvement, and customer-focused quality. The requirements of the emphasis include completing the requirements of the business major […]


Philosophy explores fundamental questions of existence, knowledge, meaning, and value. It also hones skills that are of crucial importance in a wide range of careers. With its emphasis on challenging questions, careful analysis, rigorous argumentation and creative problem solving, philosophy enriches the mind and makes a great major, second major, or minor. Beyond the Classroom […]

Physical Activity & Wellness

The W&J Physical Activity and Wellness program encourages behaviors and habits conducive to healthy living and being. The program emphasizes individual agency and initiative, self-awareness, motivation, self-direction, and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own physical and emotional health. Students learn how to make responsible decisions about their health and wellness, and strategies for […]


The Physics major at W&J introduces students to the principles and techniques that scientists use to describe our physical universe. By emphasizing hands-on laboratory work in addition to core content, our curriculum encourages students to develop transferrable skills such as data acquisition and analysis, computation, electronics, fabrication, and oral and written scientific communication. Physics students […]

Political Science

The Political Science major prepares students for successful careers in political science-related fields, including academia, government, law, or international affairs. Students also master a specific core of discipline-based knowledge and an understanding of their civic responsibilities in a global community. The department provides faculty mentoring through academic advisement as well as through career counseling and […]

Pre-Health Professions

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the health field? W&J’s Pre-Health Professions program, available to students in any major, is designed for students who plan to attend a health professional school following graduation from W&J. W&J graduates have attended schools for allopathic, osteopathic, and veterinary medicine; pharmacy; dentistry; podiatry; optometry; physician assistant; physical therapy […]


Are you ready to pursue a career in law? The pre-law program advises students interested in the legal profession and helps prepare students for admission to law school. From 1998–2018, W&J students were accepted to law schools at a rate of approximately 90%, as compared to a national acceptance rate of 67%. The pre-law program […]

Professional Writing

This interdisciplinary program prepares you to write accurate, clear, non-academic prose for a variety of audiences and situations. It teaches you how to research and analyze a wide range of topics, manage social media for professional purposes, and write and design readable, compelling documents, both in print and online. Because technology has become central to […]


The Psychology major teaches students to employ scientific methods in laboratory and field settings to learn about behavior and the variables that affect it, in preparation for graduate programs, professional and medical schools, and/or careers in psychology or related fields. Psychologists study behavior from a wide range of perspectives that include social, clinical, physiological, developmental, […]

Public Policy

The Public Policy program aims to provide analytical tools and substantive knowledge to help students understand and analyze complex policy issues in today’s world. It offers a rigorous curriculum that provides a good knowledge base on the economy, government, and public policy and a basic analytical and methodological training in policy analysis. It also offers considerable opportunities […]

Public Relations

The emphasis in public relations is available to Communication Arts majors. It is intended to provide skills for graduate study or participation in the enterprise defined by the Public Relations Society of America as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Coursework in this emphasis includes training in […]

Religious Studies

The minor in Religious Studies is designed to introduce students to the role religion plays in human life and society, as well as to a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, including history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, and gender studies. In addition to gaining knowledge of diverse religious traditions and a context for self-conscious reflection on their […]


The end of the Cold War signals a new urgency in the study of Russian as the Federation moves to consolidate its position in the emerging power structures of the new century. History, language, and cultural tradition conspire to create an interesting and timely field of study. Courses in Russian language are offered through the […]

Russian Area Studies

The Russian program imparts in students the skills, knowledge and qualities necessary to communicate and interact in Russian-speaking cultures around the world. Courses range from language and grammar to literature and film, and courses from around campus can be brought together for an area studies minor. All entering freshmen must receive language placement for languages […]


Sociology prepares you to investigate and navigate the social world. The Sociology Department provides academic experiences within and outside of the classroom for both sociology majors and those students taking sociology courses as core requirements and/ or electives. The sociology curriculum lays the foundation for doing research in sociology, and prepares students to continue their […]


The Spanish program imparts in students the skills, knowledge and qualities necessary to communicate and interact in Spanish-speaking cultures and communities around the world. Courses range in level and topic from language and grammar to literature and film, and the major can be tailored to the cultural and career interests of the student. All entering […]

Studio Art

The Department of Art and Art History is dedicated to teaching studio art, art education, and the history of art and to advising majors in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and independence among faculty and students. In the Studio Art major or minor, you will hone your creative thinking skills and work on your visual […]


The emphasis in Theatre is offered by the Department of Communication Arts and is designed to enable students to participate knowledgably in multiple aspects of the creation of works performed before a live audience. Students gain appreciation for and develop skills in the writing, staging, performance, and analysis of theatrical productions, with special attention to relationships among […]

Thematic Emphasis

To achieve flexibility in designing an original course of study, a student may propose a thematic emphasis. A thematic emphasis allows a student to retain the depth and breadth integral to an existing major while pursuing a specific focus relevant to his or her 253 interests. For instance a student majoring in English could select […]

Thematic Major

Thematic majors provide a creative opportunity for students to build an individualized curriculum around a particular theme and explore interrelationships between academic disciplines. Thematic majors span at least two departments or programs within the College and allow students to pursue an academic discipline that is not necessarily available in the traditional educational scheme. Examples of […]

Web and Mobile Technologies

The emphasis in Web and Mobile Technologies is available to Computing and Information Studies majors. It is designed for students with an intended career path in web and mobile application development and focuses on both design issues and production and implementation issues central to delivering content through these media. Check out the CIS Department’s Visual Guide for […]