W&J Student Summer School Registration

Welcome to Summer School at W&J! We are looking forward to offering an exciting array of courses that will allow you to increase your knowledge and skills while also satisfying requirements and making progress toward your degree.


To view the course listings on WebAdvisor:

  1. Access W&J's WebAdvisor
  2. Click Students Under the "Registration" heading, click on "Search for Sections." —If you are not a W&J student, you should still be able to see the course listings without having to log in.
  3. In the "Term" box, select either "Summer 1 " or "Summer 2 "
  4. To see the full listing of courses for your selected term, simply click "Submit." If you wish to refine your search further, you can make additional selections on the screen before clicking "Submit."


Select the Department of the course that you are interested in.
On the left menu bar, click on "All Courses."
This will give you the catalog description of the courses offered by that Department. In some cases (e.g., BIO 100), the catalog description is for a "shell" course, where the specific topic may well vary.

W&J students can register for Summer School courses on W&J WebAdvisor in the same way that they register for Fall & Spring courses. Students are typically automatically cleared for summer school courses, except during specific registration periods.

Registration Timeline

All Students: Our registration process has three different windows (described below): Initial Registration, Supplemental Registration and Final Registration.

  • Initial Registration (Deadline: May 1): Initial registration will open for all students as soon as the courses are posted online. Initial registration will continue until May 1. Based on registrations at that point (May 1), courses will either be guaranteed to run (Green Light), canceled (Red Light), or continued for Supplemental Registration (Yellow Light). The Supplemental Registration period will run until May 15, at which point the final decision will be made for all Yellow Light courses. Following this final decision, students will be able to register for any of the remaining courses. Since student registrations determine which courses will be offered, we strongly encourage students to register before May 1. (No bills beyond a registration deposit will be issued prior to May 1)
  • Supplemental Registration (Deadline: May 15): Starting on May 2, there will be a Supplemental Registration period. This registration will be limited to those courses that are either "Green Light" (guaranteed) or "Yellow Light" (contingent) courses. Those "Yellow Light" courses that secure sufficient registration during the Supplemental Registration will run; those "Yellow light" courses that do not secure sufficient registration during the Supplemental Registration will be closed. Students who are in "Yellow Light" courses might then consider encouraging a friend (or friends) to sign up for the course in order to help it to run. In any cases when students are in a course that is canceled, those students will be notified and given the opportunity to switch into a course that is running.
  • Final Registration: Once the final set of courses has been determined (by May 15), students (both W&J and Visiting) may register for those courses up until the first day of classes.

We hope that you will take advantage of the Summer School opportunity. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Steven Malinak in the Office of Academic Affairs.