The Magellan Project

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About The Magellan Project

The Magellan Project is found only at W&J and offers college-based funding to engage in unparalleled experiences such as internships, research, or study abroad during the summer months. This program aims to assist W&J students in exploring their passions and interests in a very hands-on, interactive manner. The invaluable opportunities that W&J students experience through the Magellan Project will carry with them throughout their time at W&J and beyond.

Students who participate in the Magellan Project have the opportunity to create their own proposal, including a detailed plan and budget, which promotes independent and creative thinking. The students also have the support of the dedicated group of faculty advisors, who are there every step of the way to answer questions and guide interested students through the process.

Brian Whipkey Class of 2017 standing at Machu Picchu in Peru

The Magellan Project is unique to Washington & Jefferson and provides our students with the support and funding necessary to pursue their own self-designed summer research projects. These projects take them to points as close to home as Pittsburgh and as far away as Cyprus, where they study everything from fair trade laws to perfume marketing and sports psychology. The Magellan Project makes it possible for you to do whatever you can dream of doing, and go wherever you can dream of going. So make sure you dream big.

Learn more about how to make your dream a Magellan Project reality on the Magellan Project FAQ or explore the Magellan Brochure!

Examples of past Magellan Projects

  • Studying Holocaust sites in Europe
  • Marketing perfumes in Switzerland
  • Researching at the Pasteur Institute in Paris
  • Assessing worker safety in Pittsburgh
  • Exploring health care systems in Cyprus
  • Managing operations at the Cal Ripken Baseball Experience in South Carolina

A complete list of past recipients and projects is available on the Magellan Recipients & Projects webpage.

Magellan Project Advisors

The following Magellan Project Advisors are available to direct students who are interested in pursuing Magellan Awards:

Map of Magellan Recipient Projects

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