Washington Fellows Program

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The Washington Fellows Program at Washington & Jefferson College is based on five pillars: leadership, integrity, growth, humanity, and thought; LIGHT. These are the values upheld by each of the Washington Fellows, on campus and in their communities, and the values they strive to share with others.

The Washington Fellows Program is made up of a series of shared and individual experiences that represent these values and instill them in students. Over the course of four years, students will take part in a multitude of experiences that represent each of the LIGHT categories. At the end of each year, growth will be reflected in a portfolio each student will produce to summarize their learning experiences throughout the year. During this process, they will be supported not only by a community of dedicated and intellectually curious peers, but also with resources which encourage exploration of learning and development.

Washington Fellows represent W&J’s mission: lifelong learners and responsible citizens who are prepared to make big contributions to today’s world.

Students admitted to W&J will be evaluated for invitation into the Washington Fellows Program after the Admission Committee has reviewed their application.