Active Clubs During Remote Learning

Created: April 13, 2020
Last Updated: October 21, 2020


During our remote learning period, the following clubs are still active. Please get in contact with the student leaders listed for more information.
Active Minds (Contact: Garret Hampton), The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (Contact: Alex York), and Interfaith Leadership Club (Contact: Trent Somes), are all meeting virtually during their scheduled meeting times. 
  • Coloring Club: “The Coloring Club will not be having scheduled meetings, but we will be releasing some content through our Instagram, @wjcoloringclub including weekly activities, possibly contests, and various fun opportunities for engagement.”
    •  Contact for Coloring Club: Lily Bonasso
  • Super Smash Bros. Club: “Super Smash Bros. Club is meeting virtually using the in-game online service. On Sundays, I open up an “arena” with an ID and password and send an email out to the group. Anyone that is free goes in and plays the game as we would during normal meeting times. We use Nintendo online, meet on Sundays 4-8.”
    • Contact for Super Smash Bros. Club: Zachary Platto
  • Vinyasa Yoga Club: “Vinyasa Yoga Club meets every Monday. It is not a formal meeting, but I have a new YouTube-broadcasted yoga video every Monday morning. The channel is just my name, Lucy Elkin, but the YouTube search people can also use is W&J Yoga Video.”
    • Contact for Vinyasa Yoga Club: Lucy Elkin

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