Addition of Fire Pit Policy and Update to CPS Escort Policy

Created: January 28, 2020
Last Updated: January 29, 2020



As the Spring 2020 semester begins, the Office of Student Life wants to make students aware of a new policy, and updated language to an existing policy.

New: Outdoor Fire Policy

Individual students and student organizations can register to host events that include small outdoor fires. The College provides fire pits and fire extinguishers for this purpose. Only outdoor fires using fire pits and fire extinguishers provided by the College are permitted. Campus and Public Safety issues permits for outdoor fires. Applications to have an outdoor fire must be made in person at Campus and Public Safety. Fires are permitted between the hours of 5:00 pm and 12:00 am. Approval for outdoor fires is at the discretion of the Campus and Public Safety shift supervisor and/or the Director of Campus and Public Safety. If approved, a permit will be issued. Campus and Public Safety and/or the City of Washington Fire Department has the right to order the extinguishment of any fire at any time. Please see the Students Conduct Procedures page or the Student Activities Board page for complete guidelines and procedures.

Update: CPS Escort Service

Campus and Public Safety Officers may provide vehicular or walking escorts to students, staff, and faculty, including off-campus medical escorts, within five miles of the W&J campus. To request an escort, please contact Campus and Public Safety by calling (724) 223-6032 or sending a text to (724) 255-3968, 24 hours a day. Please see the Campus & Public Safety homepage for complete information, guidelines, and updated language about this service.

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