Alumni Donors Fund Sports Complex Additions

Created: January 13, 2020

Last Updated: September 1, 2020

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The Jerry L. Morrow Alumni Suite was funded by David Ross, Class of 1978, in memory of the father of his close friend J.C. Morrow, Class of 1977, a Class of 2002 member of the W&J Athletic Hall of Fame. J.C. Morrow and Ross formed a bond while playing youth sports in their community. Ross has been a generous donor and trustee of the College since 2004 and is a Class of 2008 member of the W&J Athletic Hall of Fame. President John C. Knapp stated that, “Ross has been instrumental in leading the College through transitions and a number of capital projects, but has been an avid supporter of W&J’s athletic programs.”

The Eaton Fitness Center, generously funded by Charlie Eaton, Class of 1964, is named for Charlie Eaton and in honor of his brother, Peter Eaton, also Class of 1964. Eaton credits his years at W&J and leadership responsibilities as a young officer in the military for creating the foundation for a mature and productive lifelong experience. Dedicated by Col. John Burns, Class of 1980, Burns stated that, “the real reason to dedicate the fitness center is to give thanks and call attention of young people at W&J to the sacrifices that so many millions of our society have made by serving willingly.”

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