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Things to Know

What is W&J Day of Giving?
W&J Day of Giving is a 24-hour online fundraising campaign where the entire W&J community comes together to support Washington & Jefferson College's students, faculty, and campus programs.

What does your gift support?
Anything! Gifts can be directed to the W&J Fund, department, sports team, club, or W&J program that means the most to the donor. What matters the most is that every President gives. *The minimum gift to be counted for Day of Giving is $5.

What is the goal? 
On February 21, we will strive to surpass 1,000 donors on the 8th annual W&J Day of Giving!

Social Media Examples

Lead up: 

  • W&J Day of Giving is back for year eight! Save the date for W&J Day of Giving, Feb. 21, as we strive to surpass 1,000 donors in 24 hours. There's strength in numbers! Info: jayconnected.com/WJDayOfGiving #WJDayOfGiving
  • W&J Day of Giving is fast approaching! Mark your calendar to make a gift to the area of the College most meaningful to you on Feb. 21, and help us surpass 1,000 donors in 24-hours. Info: jayconnected.com/WJDayOfGiving. #WJDayOfGiving
  • Tomorrow (Feb. 21) is the day to help W&J students, faculty, and campus programs, and I couldn't be more excited. Who will join me in making a gift to the area of the College that means the most to you? Info: jayconnected.com/WJDayOfGiving. #WJDayOfGiving

Day of:

  • I am proud to be a President and support [insert area of College you will support] on W&J Day of Giving! Join me by making a gift to the area of the College that means the most to you at jayconnected.com/WJDayOfGiving. #WJDayOfGiving
  • It's time to stand with fellow Presidents and show your Red & Black pride. Go to jayconnected.com/WJDayOfGiving and make your gift today to be counted in our 1,000 donor goal! #WJDayOfGiving
  • $5, $10, every dollar helps! It's W&J Day of Giving. Join me in supporting W&J. Go to jayconnected.com/WJDayOfGiving to make your gift! #WJDayOfGiving

Social Media Images

The graphics below have been pre-sized to fit nicely on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you choose to share the graphics, be sure to use #WJDayOfGiving and promote the W&J Day of Giving website in your posts. You can download a copy of our "I Gave Because..." write on sign to let fellow alumni, friends, and family know why you made your gift! To use the images, right click each image and save to your desktop!

Email Sample

While social media is the driving force throughout the day, a personalized email can make an impression too! Here's some sample language for you to use when emailing your friends and classmates. This is just a suggestion - we welcome your own voice!

Contact Information

If you have any questions about these graphics or W&J Day of Giving in general, please contact us!

General Day of Giving Inquiries:

Kayla Madden
Director, Development & Alumni Communications