An Update on Student Employment from Dr. Knapp

Created: March 26, 2020
Last Updated: March 27, 2020



Dear W&J Student Employees,
I realize that many of you may be concerned about the loss of income from your on-campus jobs now that the College has transitioned to online instruction for the remainder of the semester. I also want you to know that I appreciate the many ways our student employees contribute to W&J’s success in every part of the college.
We are committed to supporting all of our employees during this uncertain time and that includes you. Therefore we will continue paying each student employee at a flat rate equivalent to 10 hours per week for the remainder of the semester. You will receive an automatic payment – no timesheet submission required — on each regular payday beginning with the end of March. This payment will be made regardless of whether you perform work for the College.
If you do have a campus job allows you to work remotely, I encourage you to coordinate directly with your on-campus supervisor to discuss any possibility of doing so. You will be paid for those hours in addition to the flat payment described above. More detailed information can be found in the FAQs on our website (
It is my hope that receiving this news has been an encouragement to you. We want you to know that you have our support during this challenging time.
Please be in contact with your direct supervisor with any questions or concerns.
Stay well and finish strong!
John C. Knapp
President and Professor

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