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Apply for the Magellan Project 2020!

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The Magellan Application consists of two parts. The Part 1 application includes basic questions about your background and proposed project. This is just to give the us a general idea of your interest; nothing about Part I is binding. You are not locked into either the destination or project you propose in Part 1, and if your plans change, you may even withdraw your application altogether. You must complete Part 1 to complete Part 2.
Part 1 Deadline: Nov. 1, 2019
Part 2 Deadline: Feb. 14, 2020
Still not sure about what to propose? Come to a Magellan Roundtable! Magellan Roundtables are for students considering submitting Part I applications who would like to learn more about the Magellan. Roundtables for Arts and Science will be held Oct. 17 in Burnett. Roundtables for Humanities and Social Sciences will be held Oct. 18 in Burnett.
For more information, please contact Dr. Dana Shiller, Magellan Project Coordinator, at
For a list of past recipients and projects, see