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Today is the final open forum session on contact tracing hosted by Dean Eva Chatterjee-Sutton.

The Office of Business and Finance has two new vendor policies to be aware of.

Covid-19 safety reminder from Human Resources

Join our open informational sessions and virtual benefits presentations hosted by The Reschini Group.

Andrea Fletcher ’10 and a team develop digital tracking system to monitor COVID-19 in Malawi.

Gain insight from W&J alumni who have utilized their history degree in a variety of career paths since their graduation from W&J. This virtual alumni panel is hosted by the […]

Faculty and staff are invited to an open forum on contact tracing.

WASHINGTON, PA (Oct. 23, 2020) – When COVID-19 altered Erik Blasic’s summer plans to complete an internship, he decided to make an opportunity of his own. This year, the Washington […]

Paranormal Investigator Chris Moon tours college campuses around the country, lecturing on his ghost hunting techniques and providing his own positive evidence of paranormal activity! Chris Moon has appeared on […]