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Becoming an Effective Policy Advocate

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

This course is designed to give students an understanding of public interest history and provide them with tools to engage in policy reform. Students will examine ethical reasoning in policy advocacy, explore the development of policy advocacy skills, uncover how to build policy agendas, analyze social problems, and consider challenges of developing and using power…

The Math of Money

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

(1/2 course) This course will introduce students to basic personal finance topics and their supporting calculations. The course will cover five main areas: a) the present and future value of money, b) debt, c) investing & retirement, d) taxes, and e) insurance. Only arithmetic and basic algebra will be used. The course is specifically designed…

Family Violence

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

(1/2 course) This course is designed to provide an overview of the ways in which sociologists examine, in theory and method, the dynamics and resolutions of family violence. Students will examine family violence across the lifespan including child abuse and neglect, intimate partner violence and elder abuse. They will investigate the devastating, multigenerational effects of…


Updated: May 15, 2023 |

(1/2 course)This course is designed for students interested in learning how to prepare for andcomplete day-hikes in the outdoors. Through classroom discussions anddemonstrations, students will learn about appropriate gear and supplies for basichiking; mitigation of environmental hazards; identification and navigation tolocations with hikes appropriate to interest and personal fitness; outdoor ethics andtrail etiquette; and design…

Effective Ways to Handle Stress and Anxiety

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

(1/2 course) This course is designed for students interested in learning practical ways to reduce worry, stress, and anxiety while boosting peace of mind and self-confidence. This course will equip students with the concepts and cognitive tools to help them strive for mental fitness throughout their lives. Through classroom discussions and demonstrations, students will learn…

Argument Mapping

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

Employers have long since emphasized the need for strong critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills in their prospective employees. And recent studies have shown that instructors can significantly improve these skills by training students to visualize arguments using “maps” that illustrate the underlying logical structure of a text. By clearly exposing the logical structure of…

Free Will

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

Free will is a subject of endless fascination and debate. What is it or would it be? Do we really have it? Is its existence or would its existence be compatible with a scientific understanding of the brain and human mind? What would be the effect if we ceased to believe that we have it?…

Inorganic Chemistry

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

Many fundamental concepts related to the study of inorganic chemistry will be explored. The course will review and expand upon topics such as atomic structure, simple bonding theory, and donor-acceptor chemistry. Significant emphasis will be placed on symmetry and group theory, molecular orbital theory, angular overlap theory, coordination and organometallic compounds and their properties, the…

Sports Economics

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

This course applies the tools of economic analysis to the world of sports with aprimary focus on professional sports. Topics considered will include short-termand long-term team decision-making, the industrial structure of sports leagues,competitive balance, construction of stadiums and arenas, and pay andperformance of players. These topics will allow for connections to theories inindustrial organization, regional…

Radio and Podcasting

Updated: May 15, 2023 |

This course focuses on the skills needed to produce live and pre-recorded contentfor broadcast on 91.7 FM-WNJR, W&J College’s campus radio station. Studentswill become fluent in the rules, regulations, and best practices that governcontemporary broadcasting, while immersing themselves in the technical operationof a terrestrial radio station. Special emphasis will be placed on writing for anaudio…