Negotiating a salary, a lease, a joint-venture agreement, or the, acquisition of a competing company are a few examples of the, complex commercial transactions that come across in daily, business activities. Businesses are aware of the high impact that, conflict has on their results, so conflict prevention and, efficient dispute management are key skills required from, business leaders at all levels. This course aims to explore, alternative dispute management of commercial disputes to help, students develop a creative approach to dealing with conflict and, to becoming problem-solvers. Students will learn through contact, with national and international corporate representatives., Through case analysis and role-play exercises students will, become familiarized with the use of alternative dispute, resolution methods to solve commercial disputes with a strong, focus on Mediation. Students will learn to distinguish interests, from positions, to elicit cooperation, to assess their party’s, BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated, Agreement) and, to, elaborate and assess offers that could reach the zone of possible, agreement (ZOPA). Examples may be taken, from real life , businesses.