This course provides students with practical and technical training in composition, starting at a beginner’s level. The course may be repeated for more advanced training. Students will work independently, but meet as a group weekly for instruction and feedback on applying the tools learned in the Music Theory course sequence to the craft of composition. Along with close analysis of scores, students will especially learn about the idiomatic use of timbre, texture, notation, instrument techniques and ranges, composing in pre- established forms such as song forms, theme and variation, and programmatic through-composition. When appropriate for the student’s level, the course will include arranging for established settings, such as string quartet, piano trio, wind ensemble, four-part choir, etc. Each semester culminates with a final composition project approximately 5 minutes in length. Students are recommended to have a basic knowledge of Sibelius music notation software, as this will be the program in which all work will be turned in.