This course is an introduction into the various ways composers, musicians, directors, and producers have dealt with music within mediums of film, radio, and television. From the first moment that film and radio appeared in society, music has played an important role in the development and emotional impact of each medium. As a medium developed, the musical components evolved along with the technology offering new and creative ways to utilize music. This course will examine such concepts as the evolution of recording technology, film music characteristics, and the licensing of found music into a film or related media. Furthermore, the musical challenges apparent to each new technology within the context of film and radio will be analyzed. Lastly, the course will illustrate the modern use of a Music Supervisor in a film or radio program and how that differs from the more familiar concept of a Film Score Composer. Through discussion, lecture, presentation, and a final project (where students will be asked to place music within a film or radio program), this course will ultimately offer students a first-hand look into the creative decision process a composer and supervisor utilizes in the film and media industry. 

MUS 381 is not open to students who have taken MUS 281.