A literature of nature might call to mind journeys through, treacherous or peace-inspiring landscapes, the harmony and, mystery to be found in a forest, or a traveler’s confronting the, wild or the sublime. We will read poetry, drama, and fiction, about all these ways that Nature, as external to and registered, through our senses, may be represented by writers. At the same, time, we will also explore Nature as an idea, a concept we can, use to map our behaviors and our inner lives, fears, and desires, through literary art. Shakespeare, after all, was still called a, “Poet of Nature” just a few decades before Wordsworth, a very, different “poet of Nature,” began to write. By learning to read, and to discuss deeply a wide range of literature, nearly half of, which will comprise works published between 1970 and 2020, we, will examine the intersections between Nature and Art from late, medieval doctrines to our own environmentally attuned postmodern, age. Bring your spirit of adventure and your love for, or at, least your curiosity about, the sounds and other senses of, springs, of winds, of words., , This course is approved as EVST.