This course will guide students through the process of preparing for an internship doing science research. Students will learn how to identify internship opportunities, apply for admission to internship programs, and secure funding to support summer science research internships. Students will also learn about the culture of science, including: the roles of various laboratory personnel; grants and the funding process for scientific research; research ethics; methods of communicating research data; and how to read primary literature. Summer research internships provide an opportunity to “see how science works”; learn new research techniques; develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and science communication skills; understand the culture of science, and clarify one’s academic and career goals. For students pursuing a career in the sciences, the amount of research experience has been shown to be one of the best predictors of success in graduate school. Also, more than 75% of recent medical school applicants have had research experience. Thus, such undergraduate research internships have become a de facto requirement for admission to many graduate and professional programs.