This course introduces the basics of conducting, a skill with many practical applications. Through hands-on participation, students will learn baton technique, beat patterns, expressive gestures, and the ways in which interpretive elements may be communicated to an ensemble. Each class will become a supportive lab/rehearsal where students learn to conduct effective rehearsals by employing meaningful gestures, score study and rehearsal preparation skills. Using both recorded and live-performance media, students will be exposed to the conducting challenges of standard instrumental and vocal repertoire. Student presentations, individual and group coaching, and offsite rehearsal observation figure prominently in class activities. Students must be able to read music to take this course. Students taking this course at the 300-level will conduct more complex musical excerpts and will prepare and conduct a ten- minute rehearsal of the W&J Choir.

MUS 370 is not open to students who have taken MUS 270.