Covid-19 Testing: Transition to CIC Health

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We are pleased to announce that W&J is transitioning to a new testing partner – The Broad Institute/CIC Health – on March 16, 2021. Our new testing partner will continue to provide a high-level of quality and support, but at a much lower cost per test than what is currently assessed by Quest.

As you know, we have worked with Quest Diagnostics since we began testing in the fall of 2020. At that time, options for PCR testing at the volume we wanted with on-site support was not widely available and we were fortunate to work with Quest to provide the highest standard of testing for our community.

We have appreciated the support and the quality service provided, despite the high cost per test assessed by Quest. Throughout our relationship with Quest, we have attempted to negotiate a lower cost; unfortunately, Quest has been unable to modify its pricing. Throughout the year, we have been actively researching other providers with the goal to provide the same standard of testing.

We are fortunate that our membership with the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) provides us with the opportunity to work with CIC Health in providing our testing for the remainder of the semester. W&J will join a growing number of member schools who are using CIC with excellent results and at a significant discount in price compared to the fees W&J is paying to Quest. Considering the significant financial savings in a year of mounting deficits for the College, W&J will transition to CIC Health as of Tuesday, March 16. The last testing date with Quest will be Sunday, March 14.

In conjunction with The Broad Institute, CIC Health has developed a growing number of highly regarded COVID-19 testing options. CIC Health’s testing collaborators and labs are some of the most recognized academic and scientific institutions in the country, including The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard. CIC Health has targeted providing testing to the education sector nationally (K-12 and colleges) and to other non-profit organizations. CIC Health’s Mission Statement is “To transform the COVID-19 testing landscape to enable access to routine testing that complies with all regulatory standards and delivers results quickly.” On average, results will be provided within 48 hours of testing — at a fraction of the cost.

Rest assured, the process should be quite similar to what you have experienced to date, and W&J staff will be on-site to assist. We have developed an FAQ page (posted to My W&J) to provide you with more detailed information. For more information about The Broad Institute, and to see a list of the many of the colleges and universities currently utilizing The Broad Institute for their COVID-19 testing, please click on this link. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to mitigate the potential spread of the virus and to keep our W&J community safe.

Eva Chatterjee-Sutton Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students

Jim Irwin, CPA Chief Financial Officer & Vice President for Business and Finance