Academic Affairs

The mission of Academic Affairs is to work together as an academic community to create a personal, connected, challenging, and transformative learning experience that is practical and liberating.

Vision Statement

Academic Affairs will ensure that intellectual inquiry is central to our students’ overall learning experience, will support faculty and staff in shaping the content of this inquiry and securing its high standard and quality, and will lead the conversation—locally, regionally, and nationally—about the purpose and value of a liberal arts education.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to creating and maintaining a community that fosters a culture of inclusiveness. We believe that a transformative and liberating learning experience is one that values and includes a diversity of identities and beliefs. We interpret our motto Juncta Juvant, together we thrive, to mean that we flourish when we learn with those who are least like ourselves.

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Room or Floor: Thompson Hall, 2nd Floor



Phone Number: 724-223-6006


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