Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving

More than 15,000 W&J graduates share a connection that lasts a lifetime. No matter where you are, you’ll always be a President.

Washington & Jefferson College alumni are not only successful in their careers, but they maintain a love and affinity for W&J. Our alumni community is an active part of W&J, providing career guidance to our students, networking with recent graduates across the country, and making gifts to ensure students have an outstanding W&J experience. Welcome to the W&J alumni family – we are proud to welcome you.

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Room or Floor: First, Second, and Third Floors

Barron P. McCune Alumni House

Photo of the Alumni House at W&J

The Barron P. McCune Alumni House is another Victorian-style home that the College acquired in 1989. Prior to becoming the Alumni House, it was used as an upper-classmen living residence. It now houses the Alumni Engagement Office. Many of the original elements of the house survive today, including the mahogany-paneled study room and the walnut-paneled…

McMillan Hall

Photo of McMillan Hall

McMillan Hall, built in 1793, is the oldest building on campus. In fact, it’s the eighth oldest academic building in the United States. At one point it served as the only building for what was then known as Washington Academy. McMillan Hall is named after college founder and Presbyterian missionary John McMillan and in 1977, it…


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